Philly X-Treme Motorcycle Club

Annual Toy Drive!!!!
This Toy Drive represents the Sprit, Heart and Soul to those in need so letís bring as many toys as possible to Brighten some Childís Christmas Morning.
Our club will be providing toys to children experiencing unfortunate conditions including loss of family members, loss of housing or just in extreme financial need. Come represent your club, family or just love to those who will appreciate your support.
Show your support by delivering your toy donations to our clubhouse. We will have our doors open every Sunday from 4pm to 7pm. Our clubhouse is located on 1500 Windham Avenue, Philadelphia 19144. We will be delivering the toys to children on Saturday, December 19, 2020 at 11am.

Below were the donations you provided for children last year.  Lets show our love for the children again!!!

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